Easy Spaghetti Recipe – Pan Fried Italian Pasta BenjiManTV


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  1. Your garlic has the green germ….you should remove that. It is bitter and not good eats when the germ gets matured like that. Also it can upset people's stomaches if they can be easily upset.

  2. I never loved spaghetti that much to be honest. Its never been my favorite. I always thought it was boring. I still don't like to order it at restaurants, but let me tell you Benji, I LOVE your recipe! I love how much flavory deliciousness it has and I love to make this for my family who loves it as well! Thank you! This is an old video but I watch it every time I feel like Spaghetti! 🙂

  3. Sorry BENJI…that's is not pan fried pasta that's throwing pasta in a frying pan with jar sauce,Real Pan fried pasta is made with eggs so its bonds the pasta together and comes out in one whole block, are you even Italian Benji??

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