Easy Shoga Yaki Recipe (Japanese Ginger Pork)


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  1. So glad you posted the recipe here! I could mostly tell what was what, but I wasn't sure if that was sugar or salt or something else and I caught the Sake but didn't catch the Mirin. This looks super yummy though. I bet it's good on chicken too.

  2. Hey guys! Great video again, I'm always frying my pork steaks by the rule of Shinichi's mom. And I really have to say: Your mom is sooo adorable! Even it's the 10.000th time you've heard that, but I'm always patiently watching the cooking videos with her!
    Hope we can time it correctly and I'll send you three some German treats, maybe some homemade cookies (trying to find the right recipe and way to assure they'll stay fresh) and such!
    Kind regards – Will and Mimoun from Germany

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