Easy School Lunch Recipes, Lunch Box, How-To : Tamra Davis Cooking Show


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  2. How good is this,,,although mine doesnt want my food no more cause is not cool in front of their friends (middle school) ): Need some recipes for a cool lunch box! geez

  3. Its better then what a school lunch has in it. My school's meal are nothing healthy at all. Most kids get pizza, burrito or cheese sticks. Even our hot lunch ranks up in calories and bad nutrition. These people know what they are doing and setting their children up for healthy habits.

  4. @raymondhl95 Yes I think you're right. It's delicious, but french toast with butter, margarine or other wise, covered in syrup is hardly healthy. Sure there are grains and protein in there, but that is also fatty, starchy and sugary. Back that up with a grilled cheese sandwich at lunch. . . .

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