Easy Pork Baby Back Ribs Recipe-Cooked in the Toaster Oven


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  1. just watched this AND your chicken-leg video, and i must say that you are certainly the toaster-oven master! i most certainly wouldn't have thought ribs were even possible on the toaster-oven. we just got one last night, and I'm fixing to try the baby-back ribs for my family in the toaster-oven right now, all thanks to you! please keep posting toaster-oven recipes, they are much appreciated and it's all we have as an oven for now. thank you for posting such great vids!

  2. Hi all, my Mom was experimenting with ribs one day. I have to tell you,I have a weight problem but had a hankering for ribs so Mom to the rescue. What she did I do to this day. She boiled them a few minutes. The meat was almost cooked through. Lots of fat came off. After, she cooked those ribs in the oven, I have done this in the toaster oven. At the end,sauce them. What I do is flip them when cooking so they are evenly cooked. I also flip them with the sauce. The meat is very similar to outdoor bbqing but this has worked well in the past and should be a hit even now. I'm not home,on the road as a Travel Nurse.

  3. Great job man! I have a good tip for you. Google 'Spicy Cherry Ribs', from Guy Fieri. You don't have to use the cherry glaze, but his technique for preparing and cooking oven ribs works very well!

  4. Toaster ovens are very handy as they cook things really well. I would believe ribs would cook very well in a toaster oven and it would be more economical to use than the standard oven. Here while back I experimented and baked a red velvet cake in my Farberware toaster oven. It came out great and I had three cooks at a local restaurant sample it with the cream cheese icing on it and they all gave it their utmost approval. It just took about 30 minutes longer to bake than the box asked for but I wasn't in any hurry. It didn't last very long around here.

  5. Love your Mr. Grey.  I have an African Grey also named Monique, she will be 25 years old soon.  I was there when she hatched.  Your videos have inspired me to make better meals for myself at work.  Thank you.  Keep the toaster oven cooking.

  6. Thanks for sharing! That was a creative idea to use your toaster oven. That is your most used appliance these days! Hehe. I'm glad Margie picked you up some fun sauces/rubs to experiment with. Looks tasty! I love Mr Grey's cameo! Haha

  7. That cowtown squeal rub is great! Use it as my backup, and that Rufus Teague sause is a winner. You ought to try it on smoked meatloaf or grilled burgers. A real nice fancy-dress to some good burger once it is almost done. Real interesting cooking them ribs in the toaster oven!

  8. TinMan, great job! The ribs look awesome! You added the sauce at just the right time. I don't think there's anything you can't make in your trusty toaster oven! Well, maybe your Thanksgiving Day turkey.

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