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  1. It does not look bad, but it's definitely not Mexican (not because it is vegan version or something but because it not a Mexican recipie), I can see the "mexican" inspiration to some extent, I guess, but as a mexican I think mexican food is very weirdly interpreted outside of Mexico and most food is tex-mex rather than mexican. Also is really, really hard to talk about mexican food as a monolith, because food is extremely different form region to region.

  2. This is not Mexican food, its Mexican inspired food. When you taste real Mexican food you will know it. It is way different than than you get in Canada or the united states.

  3. Looks good, and I am eager to experience what this tastes like. I love simple quick recipes. I think I may try the suggestion from the comment thread by using the scotch bonnet like a bay leaf and removing it when done.

  4. Honestly I went through your videos and automatically thought "vegan? Oh man, I'm not vegan.." But I'm so happy I watched some of them anyways! You are very concise and direct with the ingredients/steps, AND you provide the ingredients with directions in the description?! Love it!! Will be trying this one. Thanks 🙂

  5. All you prepare is really delicious!!! I love asian food but this particular Mexican soup is one of my favorite: I at it in a small restaurant in Monterrey; now I can make it my self…cool!!!

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