Easy Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole – How To Make The Easiest Way


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  1. No man…actually I'm quite an able bodied….man…man.

    Care to know why. No 'hearty breakfasts" and the day on my ass drooling. Woo Hoo. Not saying it wrong just that its not sane.

  2. you must be an idiot. The only unhealthy part of this breakfast is the bread. I bet their portion didn't even reach 500 calories, which is way under what a normal person would or should be eating for a breakfast.

  3. You don't like what you see? Instead of condemning everyone who watches this video who isn't fed up with how unhealthy it is as fat slobs from your high horse just because you're healthy, you could just not make it.

  4. You still don't get it, do you? You're still telling me that sitting around after eating this once will deteriorate one's health? It's ONE time, man. So I can't splurge and pig out during the holidays without being sucked into turning fat? I have to plan out my caloric intake and work out every single day, without ever stopping if I want to have "any sense of health"? You're incredibly condescending. Just because you're not into it doesn't mean everyone who partakes in it is a slob.

  5. Sitting on your ass all day is also asinine…. The ability to do so after eating such things in the morning is quite asinine too. It speaks of a lifestyle choice indicative of thinking this is generally fine…not just exceptionally. One heavy meal starting a nothing day… Ive been fat and capable of such behavior. Now I'm mentally and physically incapable of eating that many calories unburnt….all day. It would be like drinking a pot of coffee and laying down for a nap.

  6. Great recipe. I'll try it. A variation on the Christmas Morning "Wife Saver" (politically incorrect name). Lay bread in a casserole dish, then pemeal bacon and grated cheese on top, more bread. Pour a mixture of eggs, mustard, finely chopped bell peppers and a bit of milk over the top. The next morning put crushed cornflakes on top and drizzle with melted butter. Cook at 350 for an hour.

  7. breakfast bread pudding. looks ok. i think this would be good if you have family staying at your house for the holidays and want to make an easy breakfast for a crowd without too much fuss. its not for everyday or one person you morons saying oh thats why you all are fat. geeeeeez. lol.

  8. Oh god my sides, so let's get a run down on this

    >cooking your own breakfast makes you fat
    >having cereal negates being fat

    Cereal man, apparently the most healthy shit on the planet. Jesus dude, your stupidity is so fucking stupid it's become unfunny and then funny again.

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