Easy Lentil Soup Recipe (Budget Included) | Lazy Cooking with Kym


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  1. I am on vegetarian diet now. I recognized that my tummy started to grow and weight also started over weight now. Mostly I am cooking stew from the different type of beans and soy but I eat them with steamed jasmine rice or with steamed indian basmati rice. Can you tell what is making me fat now? Is it beans or rice? Maybe indian basmati rice?

  2. I am so grateful for channels like yours. Yesterday my husband and I saw a documentary called What the Health on Netflix. We decided we are going to give up meat. I found your channel when I was searching for what happens to your body when you give up meat. #newsubscriber

  3. Just found your channel and I’m in love!! I’m all for lazy ( vegetarian) cooking and can’t wait to see more! Also you’re so much more genuine than most health women I’ve seen, so thanks for being awesome!!😄

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