Easy Keto Recipes! 3 Night Single Serving Keto Dinner Plan | Simple Low Carb Meals


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  1. Can I just say that I'm obsessed with you guys! I love how real and down-to-earth you two are! Not only are you true keto eaters, but you two are also incredibly adorable together. 😊

  2. when ppl use pasta sauce from the jar, OF COURSE, THEY ARE GONNA LIKE CREAM CHEESE MORE!! I make my own sauce and it is waaayyy lower in carbs! i don't know what these jar companies add to make that sugar and carbs go way way way up.

  3. Hi. I am so glad I found your's and Mat's channel. I am very new to Keto (Dec 19th is when I started. 20g of carbs or less per day seems to work for me. I know you guys do 10g). I love these three recipes you made but, I do not own a chopper, food processor or blender. Is there another way to get the cauliflower how it needs to be for the shephard's pie without any of those? I have a nutri-bullet, that's it.
    I am going to make the lettuce tacos today. My grass fed beef is cooking as I write this. =)
    I don't know about thise noodles though. I do not like any type of mushrooms or, asparagus at all. Lol. I would probably opt to pour the meat over pork rinds with grated cheese on top and melt it. Would that work?

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