Easy Japanese Green Tea Matcha Cake Recipe


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  1. cute n easy to make. nice! just curious, whats the purpose of yogurt ? Also could i use lesser oil ? and honey instead of sugar?? i only know how to make steam cake. Going to try your recipe. COuld u come up with magic – green tea cake using honey (healthier) , no butter or oil? just wonder Love matcha!

  2. You're funny! Have just discovered the amazingness of matcha so I've been looking for easy recipes like this to make at home. Very entertaining and instructive video, just the ticket. Look forward to making this for my kids and colleagues. Thanks for posting! Oh, forgot… quick question. I bought some glutinous rice flour because some Oriental dessert recipes call for it. Will glutinous rice flour work as well (or perhaps better) than regular flour?

  3. I love this video! Do you think I can use this recipe for cupcakes and/or cookies too? 
    And as for the Matcha, do you recommend certain brands or shops? I know some brands have stronger Matchas, and others have some that are lighter in taste… I want the most authentic tasting one as possible lol (without having to go to Japan… unless I have a shopping service to order it for me? lol) ! Thanks 🙂

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