Easy Italian Recipe: Cacio e Pepe – OrsaraRecipes


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  1. The quint-essentials of Italian cooking captured within this video! It couldn't get any better! Thank you, Chef Pasquale, you've made me happy again! Keep her lit! I know you will 😉

  2. In my opinion you are THE BEST cook on YouTube when it comes to Italian food. I've already tried a few of your dishes, and they always come out EXACTLY as I want them to taste, as in that real authentic Italian regional food (unlike the crap you even sometimes get in high end restaurants). You don't do anything fancy with it, you don't alter the original Italian taste, nothing expensive is being used and every dish is easy to make but yet oooooh so delicious. It's what I call the REAL comfort food! You get a long standing ovation from me, Pasquale!!!! Salute!

    Ps: do you have a recipe (or several) for lasagna? I've been trying to make it 3 times now, and it never comes out as I remember eating it in Italy. There's always something missing, taste wise, and the pasta always comes out wrong (not cooked enough or just blend) and I just can't put my finger on what I'm doing wrong. Cheers.

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