Easy Instant Pot Shoyu Ramen Noodle Soup Recipe


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  1. I bought pork bones also i have chicken bones, i've never made this but i'm going to try i have always seen people use pork bones also should i not have gotten them? i have the kelp and i'm soaking it right now over night am i not supposed to do that? please help thank you

  2. Oh my God oh my God I would love to make this but don't don't have any of the ingredients I may have to order the ingredients from Amazon and think butts it looks really good I have to admit thank you for sharing

  3. Where do you buy the dried shrimp and tiny scallops? I have a small Japanese grocery store near me that may have them and also a decent Korean grocery store. Not sure I've seen these at either. The recipe looks great and Sun ramen noodles are great. Thanks!

  4. looks yummy! I would add some pork too for broth, then it would be close to my favorite ramen place….The seafood adds a nice flavor that's different from a tonkatsu style, I think more complex but not as rich…,both are good just different 🙂

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