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  1. OMG These look so good. And man, I didn't know making yoghurt was so easy!!! I make my own soy milk often, and only us H2O, so I'm totally gonna give this a try! 😀 Super stoked!!!
    Love your videos, even if I don't always comment. :3

  2. The spring rolls look amazing, in January I'm gonna go vegan so I'll most definitely try these out and your pasta recipes. Just found your channel & I'm already obsessed!! 🙂

  3. hi CLV I really love your videos! been following since last summer when i watched okja. btw, if you want to make food look pretty you might wanna consider using warm-light filters. recommend the "foodie" app for pics

  4. I like that you used a lot of the same ingredients in one video because that gives more inspiration for less ingredients. It really shows people how to get more bang for their buck. Realistically, not everyone can have a different kind of cuisine every night of the week, or even be able to buy different condiments on a regular basis, so this is really really amazing.

  5. Mind blown.
    I have so many probiotics sitting around from when I had candida, and soy yogurt is so expensive!!! I really want to try to make that yogurt, did anyone give it a go?!

  6. I used to love watching your channel and I even purchased your cookbook. I can understand that you use affiliate links to make money, I respect that, but it seems like you and all of the vegan YouTubers have become infomercials for iHerb and Thrive Market. I don’t mind that you mention your affiliate links in the very beginnings of your videos. But the constant advertising throughout the whole video is just too much. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. I have just unsubscribed to your channel and all others who do this for that reason. I’ll probably still watch your videos here and there, you’ve got some great vegan ideas but seriously, give up the informercial bullshit.

  7. I just love all your recipes because your channel is the literal definition of me: cheap, lazy, vegan. And I want to eat relatively healthy food but I can't be bothered with too much cooking so your recipes are always great! You've inspired me to try again with rice paper rolls; I thought they were harder than this to work with but I'll make some soon. I'm also going to check out this whole yoghurt thing! It's much easier than I thought and vegan yoghurt is so dang expensive to buy.

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