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  1. La cottura della pasta fatta in questo modo non è affatto salutare, poiché tutti gli amidi restano in essa. Se invece la cucini in acqua bollente, la scoli e la sciacqui sotto un getto d'acqua fredda, si abbassa di molto l'indice glicemico ed è più digeribile e salutare…

  2. One quick question: this confuses me for a long time, but is ok for people to eat pasta(spaghetti/penne) for diets to lose weight? I just thought whole wheat pastas are still bit too much calories, isn’t it? ( I don’t know about this, so I hope somebody could teach me about it) thanks!

  3. Your recipes look amazing! I been having a really hard time trying to find the rye bread you are using. I really want to get the same kind because it is just perfect for healthy recipes. I looked online and it said that Walmart has them but I unable to find it in the store. If you can, can you please tell me where you buy yours? Thank you so much! I have been using your everyday food/recipes ideas for a couple of months now and so far lost 20 pounds!! You truly are an inspiration!!

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  5. I made your Tuna Avocado Salad Sandwich for lunch today and just had it. So tasty and delicious!!! Thank you so much for the great recipe. Your video is so inspiring and motivates me to go on the healthy way of living 😉

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