Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas | 5 Minute Lunch Recipes!


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  1. Omgosh I just love you channel so much. I enjoy cooking and using healthier options. Have you ever thought about shooting a behinds the scenes and how you create your videos. I think it would be such a cool idea!

  2. Thank you for another awesome video, love it! Can you please share the brand name of the dairy free pesto you used? Love pesto and it’s difficult to find dairy free. Even better, if you know of an online version to order? Thank you Liv! 💗🙏

  3. HEY GUYS! Enjoy these healthy lunch ideas you can make in 5 minutes! Next week I have healthy dinners and snacks coming so STAY TUNED! As always, thank you to each of you to take the time to watch and comment, means the world 💗

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