EASY + HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS • Vegan Recipes • Lisa Lorles


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  1. i love vegan food
    hi i found your channel today… subscribing you… loved your videos
    check out my cooking channel if you like to learn some Indian recipes

  2. lisa i am vegan and i didnt have much ideas for food and seriously i am sooooo thankfull for your recipes and theyre reallllyyyy delicous. i dont know how i wouldve live withouth your videos

  3. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE these food idea videos! Your recipes aren't boring, they're creative, but still easy. I've been watching tons of these kind of vegan recipe videos because I'm literally just beginning my vegan journey, and your videos have been the most inspiring.

  4. For the first recipe, was there a considerable amount of filling left in the bowl? I'm considering making this for my family of 4 (at the smallest 2 because only my father and I are vegan). If not, what proportions should I use?

  5. Do you recommend cou to h calories? Coz I like to copy your meals but I'm that il gain weight? Coz I'm a petite Asian 155cm (5'1) and I computed my BMR I SHOULD ONLY EAT 1100 + calories. :(

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