Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipes


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  2. A Tuna omelet is really good too. I fry some onion in olive oil for 5 minutes. Then scramble 3 whole eggs and add a can of tuna. Add it to the pan and cook till it's done, top with sour cream.

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  4. what about this for breakfeast:

    .Oats with ground cinnamon, wheat germ powder, ground flaxseed, and un-salted almonds
    . 2 whole eggs
    . 5 egg whites

    how does that sound?

  5. Olive oil is fairly healthy, but you should only use LIGHT olive oil for high temp cooking, not Extra Virgin. EVOO has a lot of chlorophyll and plant esters that burn at high temperatures leaving behind carcinogenic byproducts.

  6. Desperate to gain weight nothing seems to work sitting watching ur videos and writing out a list hopefully this is good trying to bulk before going to the gym if I gain weight ur an absolute miracle worker great videos and keep them coming 🙂

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