Easy Healthy Asian #StayHome Recipes – No Sweat: EP39


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  1. Are the Asian markets empty where you guys live? Here in Portugal, the one I usually go has almost no products 👁️👁️
    In the beginning of quarentine I went there for some green onion and saw a guy buy a whole box of soju and about 50 packs of instant noodles 👀… They ran out of tofu, kimchi, frozen goods, miso, sauces and soft drinks. Like, who needs a ton of grape mogumogu to quarentine???

  2. This is my first time watching Tyen's segment; and she's lovely! She has a very likeable personality. Great, healthy recipes that I'll be sure to try it out.

  3. Police report lodged, we're not even supposed to visit family, but clicknetwork had a whole camera crew go over to her place. You guys are really good at milking the situation aren't you? I'm very serious about this.

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