EASY Ground Beef Curry Recipe


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  1. 선경님 유툽 어제 구독 시작했어요 이제 슬슬 하나씩 레서피 따라해 봅니다. 오늘 저녁으로 이게 해줬는데 두 틴에이저 아들들한테 thumbs up 받았어요. 감사합니다 😊

  2. I made this tonight, it was so delicious!!! I had never used those curry blocks before and the flavour was outstanding. Thanks for introducing me to new things, my husband and I (Irish) enjoy your recipes regularly

  3. hi!!! i was wondering if you could recommend one of your recipes for a large batch? in november im going to be cooking dinner for about 15-18 people and am trying to figure out what to make!!

  4. I've made ground beef curry with Japanese curry blocks for years, but it's never tasted as hearty and satisfying until I tried your version. The addition of ketchup and Worcestershire sauce makes all the difference! So good. Enjoying all your videos! Aloha.

  5. Hi!👋🏻Just finished cooking the dish. My entire place smells like curry😅 I can’t decide though whether to put it on top of rice or pasta🤔 Thank you @Seonkyoung Longest👍🏼

  6. Seongyeong, do you know where to get a knife like they used in Joseon, like the one Daejanggeum used? I've looked everywhere but can't find any. I don't want to ask relatives because they'll just buy it for me and send it, and I dont want them to spend the money, especially if its expensive.

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