Easy Glazed Salmon Recipe with 4 Ingredients (Most popular healthy salmon recipe)


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  1. Tip: Start with the salmon skin side down and don't touch it or flip it until the bottom of the filet is good and brown. Use grape seed or vegetable oil to get a crunchy texture on the skin. Just look at the sides and you can tell how brown the bottom is getting. You'll know the salmon is done by the springiness of the fish when you press on it with your finger.

  2. Ziplock bags are way too expensive. Oh BTW, I like my Salmon with the skin. WTF!!!! the Salmon you put in the bag didn't have any skin….the salmon you took out of the bag has skin.????? Something is wrong with this video presentation…..

  3. Just put the salmon in the fridge to marinate…. excited to try these… was W wondering how long did you cook the salmon for when you added it back to the pan when the marinade began to boil… thanks 😀

  4. 0:50 "I don't know about you but I'm not a big clean up person" instead of taking 1 – 2 mins to clean a dish, I'd rather add to the amount of plastic pollution we have =) jokes – don't be so lazy and try to encourage people to take the time to minimize waste

  5. Sounded like a good recipe, so I tired it. Much too sweet a sauce for my wife and me. Needs to be a more equal combination of salty and sweet. I will use an authentic Asian teriyaki sauce next time I make a glazed salmon.

  6. I left eating fish a long time back but yesterday when i cooked this recipe for my husband i couldn't control myself and it was so delicious i just loved it. Thanks for this amazing recipe!!!

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