Easy, Foolproof French Macarons Recipe – Cinderella Disney Princess Party Dessert


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  1. next time, try to use a clean paint brush with the luster / pearl dust. if you use the tip in the powder and tap it. it will allow the powder to create a more glittery effect. these are amazing though. I've never done macaroons cause I wasn't confident enough, but I am very very eager to try this, darling!

  2. Hi Melanie, I just stumbled upon your videos because I was looking for tutorials on hammer drills. Wow, I can't believe at the diversity of video tutorials you have done from hammer drills to macarons!

  3. I baked my macarons at 150 for 15 mins and it came out all cracked on Top with no feets. I tried to lower the timing to 10mins but it still cracked. Can you please help

  4. Today im making macarons for the second time. The first time they had the feet but they were hallow. I dont wana make the same mistake so what do you think i did wrong

  5. OMG I LOVED THIS VIDEO🙌🙌👏im so happy i discovered your channel and I def had to subscribe! Would you like to check out my baking videos and maybe sub back? Thanks 😘❤️…I even have a Disney treats video myself hehe!

  6. I have checked out so many "how to" videos for French macarons, and with out a doubt yours is the best. You explained everything so well and it was easy to follow along! Looking forward to checking out the rest of your videos (:

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