Easy Falafel Recipe – Vegan & Gluten free — Parisian Kitchen


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  1. Wonderful recipe! I followed it and just eyeball the measurements and it came out AMAZING! I did not deep fried though, just fried and still cane out delicious! Thank you so much!

  2. Hello and thanks for the recipe! I haven't tried this yet but bought a food processor the other day. My question is: Don't you need to boil the chickpeas? Thanks for sharing!

  3. really great recipe! I followed the ingredients as instructed, but instead of deep frying them I fried off both sides (I made mine flat as well) and finished them off in the oven. Worked a charm! There are so many falafel recipes out there and this is honestly one of the best ones I've tried, I think I'll stick with it! Super easy too!

  4. Yes, it's so good to soak them overnight instead of using canned ones! I just published a recipe here for a vegan falafel with a similar method. I hope you enjoy if you get a chance to check our my channel.

  5. +Stellar Rocker I 'm not able to reply directly to your comment so I hope you'll see this! This recipe is not suitable for canned chickpeas because once you process them, the consistency is more wet and "mushy" than it would be with the dried chickpeas soaked overnight. If you prefer using canned chickpeas i suggest you look for a recipe that includes flour to give more firmness and body to the mixture. This way you'll avoid the falafels from breaking apart while cooking. Hope this will help

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