EASY EGG Recipe For Breakfast


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  1. Having high cholesterol levels isn't always linked directly with dietary cholesterol intake. Your fitness level and your lifestyle have a huge impact as well. For example a lot of bodybuilders and athletes eat fairly high amounts of dietary cholesterol from high protein foods like eggs, meat, dairy products, etc. but very often they have healthy cholesterol levels because they are so active.

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  3. The whole topic of eggs has gone full circle. While the yolk contains fat, it also contains most of the nutrients as well. I personally eat whole eggs on a regular basis. There's way too much to cover in a single comment, but you can google search this and get pages and pages of info if you want to do some more research about it.

  4. I like this recipe and recommend it. However, I cooked the peppers for about a minute on one side and then flipped them to soften them up first before putting the eggs in…but believe that made the egg leak out a little bit however.

  5. @icephil54
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  6. @VegeXP Eating just egg whites can lead to a biotin deficiency as well as eating raw eggs because when cooked the glycoprotein, avidin is inactivated and won't bind to the biotin in egg yolks. Also, fat as a fuel source is not bad, in fact, it is a great fuel source. If you are worried about consuming too many calories because of additional fat in your diet then I would suggest lowering the amount of sugar/bread/grains/pasta that you consume.

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