EASY DIY Japanese Curry Bread (CURRY PAN RECIPE)


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  1. Would you recommend frying them first and then once I thaw them cooking them in the oven or putting them in the freezer unfried and cook them fried or baked when I'm ready for them?

  2. I wonder…. Could I put this filling in gyoza?! Then I could freeze some bags uncorked. We have the curry roux that says Golden mild medium or hot? Will that work I've seen it used in Japanese homes. This also seems very easy to do with pre-made bread. Could I use a whole meal bread? Because I would like to make 40 or 50 of these to freeze 30 or 40 for future meals. I'm vegan and I have a caregiver and we don't always cook because sometimes one of them doesn't really do so good but I could instruct her how to make these. 🙂

  3. That is actually the exact brand of curry I would buy and cook plain before eating with rice to make it a little more tasteful when I was studying abroad in Japan ;u;" (my college decided to screw me over on my financial aid last minute, so I survived in Japan with maybe about $800 for four months).

    Regardless, I'll have to try this recipe soon!

  4. We do this in Korea with kimchi and pork, or bulgogi, or spicy sweet bulgogi….its so good!!! So I bet it will taste so good with teriyaki, or niku jaga, or anything that's really hearty and savory! Like eel!!

  5. thanks for the recipe, it was my first time making curry bread and it was really delicious. My only suggestion is to increase the ratio of water when you make the flour paste

  6. Looks sooo good! I have some Vermont Curry at home. This looks like a nice "first time try out" recipe for a weekend. 🙂

    Y'all can cook, for real. Your recipes look so good! 🙂

  7. me and my sister made this last night and it turned out really yummy! I added a bit more curry powder and garam masala. also if u find that the bread slice is breaking, I suggest flattening it a bit with a rolling pin. I also think it tastes even better the next day! currently eating one while I type this lol. thanks TabiEats!

  8. Trank you very much for this nice recipe, I will definetely try it myself 😸I Love you guys and I really hate it to say, but I have to : the Makro shots are awful to watch, please Zoom out more.. .

  9. おいしそう、これは自分でも作ってみたいです!それにしても、切り落としたパンの耳を見るたびに、揚げて砂糖をまぶしておやつに食べたくなる。笑

  10. ピロシキやカレーパン 、年に何度か作りますが、油の中で爆発多いですよね(^_^;) 食パンに あんなに簡単なつなぎでイイんですね?!ちょっとビックリ。このレシピ海外の方 メッチャ喜んでそう♪♪

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