Easy Dessert Recipes – Dutch Baby Recipe


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  1. I had this at our local restaurant that specializes in pancakes a few months back and I fell in love with it!
    Thank you for sharing your recipe, I plan on making this!

  2. hi victoria i really liked your dutch baby pancake.  when u bite into it, it looks like the whole piece is crunchy. i tried making it, it tasted crispy on the sides by middle parts kind of soft, kind of egg omelette.  is that correct??

  3. I just found your great channel today as I was looking for a Dutch Baby recipe.   My cast iron skillet is the 10" square, with the griddle ridges.  Can that still be used to make this?   Thank you!

  4. Wow that looks absolutely beautiful i will definitely make that i've never made it before i've never eaten before damn that looks so yummy thank you very much for that very nice video i have subscribed to your awesome

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