EASY DESSERT RECIPES – Coconut Jelly / Coconut Milk Pudding [椰子冻]


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  1. Use gelatin leaves instead. Just soal them in cold water until soft, squeeze them out of excess water, then stir into the already-heated coconut mixture that has just been taken off heat after bringing to a bare simmer. No granularity, no clumping whatsoever, and crystal clarity one cannot achieve using granulated gelatin.

  2. I have had good luck getting gelatin out of glass pans by spraying them with cooking oil first. I've also used the hot tap water technique. I dip it in and out a few times till the edges look like they are separating from the sides of the pan and then tip it out onto a plate. Sometimes I will dip a clean wash rag into the water and just run it over the bottom and sides of the pan. I do that if it's really heat sensitive and I don't want it to melt too much…… but usually spraying the pan first with oil works for me and I don't have to use the hot water method 🙂

  3. To get the jelly out easily there's an old timey trick from Ottoman empire. Put some water in your mold. Not hot not cold just normal room temperature water. Swish it around and then pour your jelly onto this very thin layer of water. When the time comes the jelly will set free easily.

  4. What do you suggest to do when I didn’t add enough agar agar? Right now my pudding is still quite soupy. I’m afraid it may not fully thicken up.

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