Easy Curry Puff Recipe (Thai-Style Samosa) กะหรี่ปั๊บ


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  1. I like the « simplisme » of your recipes, thank you so much. By the way, i live in france, i cannot find cilantro here , can i remplace cilantro by lime zest? Bernie

  2. Thanks for the prostitute info lol. Would have not known that. I wonder if English has any words that we say in certain situations but can’t say it outside to random people out of context

  3. It is nearly impossible to find a white fleshed sweet potato here on the East Coast of America in New England. I am in Maine so I don't have a big city like Boston. I live in the biggest City Portland. My friends from Djibouti make the same thing and call it sambusa. It tastes like an Indian samosa. So my caregiver made me 40 vegetable ones with potatoes and peas and other vegetables that I like and then we cook them in the air fryer and they came out brown and crunchy and beautiful! The remainder were frozen uncooked and I put them in the air fryer and make a salad and that's my supper when I don't have anything ready to eat. Let me tell you those sambusas do not have subtle Heat they go from almost no heat to I'm going to blow your face off hot! I had my kid give her make mine with a nice degree of warmth because I don't always want heavy heat in my food every time I want to eat these.

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