Easy Crab Soup Recipe


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  1. I'm so glad I came across your channel. This really does look like a super easy and quick meal that'll give you your bang for the buck. Where did you get your lump crab from exactly or what brand is it that you bought from the supermarket? I want to make sure I use the best canned real crab meat or fresh crab there is for this. This soup looks delicious!

  2. what do you think about putting in some old bay and going a little lighter on the nutmeg? I'm going to make this recipe tomorrow mouring but I'm thinking it needs a little kick for my taste buds. Any better suggestion than just the typical old bay? I know old bay and blue crab go great together but it's a strong flavor to just throw into another recipe.

  3. Thank God I found your recipe. I bought a whole crab at Costco and didn't know exactly what to do with all that wonderful crab meat. I did a search and found your recipe – it was delicious!

  4. looks totally delicious well done friend :).  Please would you kindly check out my channel too, i made yummy cheese and onion bread really easy quick recipe if you get the chance would really be lovely with your soup check it out :). Happy New years

  5. I was looking for a quick and easy crab soup recipe and I think I found it.  This looks great!  By the way, how much milk did you use?  Have you ever used corn in your soup?

  6. Hi there !! I'm so happy that I discovered your channel, it's awesome !! so many mouth-watering recipes !!! 😀 I love meeting new fellow food youtubers 😀 Such a great community !! Thanks for sharing your love of food !!! <3 

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