Easy Corned Beef Recipe Instant Pot


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  1. It is a family tradition to have corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's day for me too 🙂 Since I only have it once a year I might have to make another one all for me in the instant pot 🙂 Looks delicious! ! Love butter and salt on top ♡

  2. Oh girl. My mom would make chicken corn soup. A northern recipe my grandma Aida taught her when they lived in Pennsylvania. It would truly make you feel better when you had a cold or under the weather. Thanks for the fan of the day 👍😁

  3. Looks great! I have seen many people starting to cut up the cabbage in small pieces. I think I will do that this year. I use to put in like quarter chunks of the cabbage! So did you ever let the kid out of the box to enjoy this delicious meal? LOL

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