Easy Cooking Hacks For Eating Healthy


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  1. Coconut oil is actually just as unhealthy as butter. All this kind of stuff is a bunch of crap. There is no good nutritional studies to support the exsistance of any super foods, so calm down.

    Here is how you eat healthy according to nutrition studies. Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. There you go. There is no proof that eating any of these foods will improve your quality of life, your health, or make you live longer.

  2. Chicken breast is a lean meat, but soaking it in salt and stock and butter, then pairing it with white rice won't do a great deal of good for weight loss or healthy living.
    Yes some of these foods are considered "superfoods" but the science is still out of the long term benefits of eating them, and many of these "hacks" are unsustainable due to how expensive they are- if you live in a colder climate, berries cost an arm and a leg, and are 100% too expensive to eat several times a week.

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