Easy College Vegetarian Receipes Collab w/ Brothers Green Eats


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  1. One easy vegan side that I just learned/invented: sweet potato strips. I just use a potato peeler and slice the sweet potato into thin strips, spray with cooking spray, and toss with salt and pepper; then bake at 425F until crispy. So easy and yummy!

  2. im turning veggie next week then slowly go vegan more for the fact i done my research and meats kinda grimey i stoped taking meds for mentle health and silly illnesses my body can fight it so why do i want it in my food and with all this fake meat going about im good

  3. Up and down thing 🙂 Love it!! The last one was my favorite. I am also vegetarian. And being vegetarian while living in South Korea is NOT easy sometimes. When you tell people you are vegetarian, they look at you like "….ummm you don't eat meat?? I thought all Americans eat meat!" Little do they know. Thanks for another great video. 🙂

  4. I am vegan and I notice that a lot of vegetarians have the bad habit to substitute meat with cheese. Not super healthy. I do understand that this video targets college students who have limited access to time, produce and equipment. Eggs, cheese, oils, too much cholesterol and sodium and not enough fruits, vegetables = the micronutrients you need. I would've liked a healthier version with more fruits and vegetables, good fats and good oils, less salt too.

  5. I would probably flip the flatbread pizza and fry yhe cheese side for just a few seconds. it makes the cheese crispy and super yummy.
    also a great tip for reheating pizza imo. do it in a pan with a little olive oil and do both sides

  6. It's just a cheese strip. I don't understand, vegetarians cut out meat yet name or want to eat dishes meat related e.g bacon cheese or at least the flavour. If you're aiming for that lifestyle wouldn't you abstain from anything animal related other than protesting for their rights?

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