Easy Cinnamon French Toast Recipe


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  1. I also hate soggy middles! The best way to avoid this if you do accidentally soak too long or you're using standard thickness sandwich bread – pop in the oven on high heat maybe 425, for a few minutes until you see it start to puff up! Delicious! Wonderful recipe thank you!

  2. Omg I did something so wrong. This had no flavour. I think maybe I used too much milk but ain't ever made this before. I've never eaten it before either. I'm English and we don't usually eat these kind of overly sweet dishes but I felt like something super sweet so where better so go than an American youtuber 👌🏻😆

  3. I tried this, and all of my toast came out soggy even though I didn't leave the bread in the liquid mixture for long. 🙁 but I won't give up.. Still a great recipe.

  4. Totally agree about a soggy middle on french toast – that should just be forbidden!  I love that you are using almond milk – great alternative to dairy!  Gotta try this recipe out for sure!!!

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