Easy Chinese vegetable recipe: I’m cooking Gan Guo


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  1. They're snow peas in North American and mange-tout in the UK. And the mushrooms are Enoki mushrooms.
    And I agree with you — tinned bamboo shoots are not very nice, but fresh ones are wonderful.

  2. Please try adding fish sauce, and at the end, oyster sauce followed by a bit of sesame seed oil. When you blanch the veggies, add a spoonful of oil so to maintain the green color of the leaves and prevents overcooking.

  3. No way! For that size of tofu, it cost that much more???!! :O. You got yourself a steal. That chinese dish looks delicious and I cannot way to try making it for myself.

  4. Congratulations 你怀孕了!That dish with all the veges, mushroom, peas, tofu and dried tofu skins – ah – what to say – looks so yummy the way you cooked them! We Chinese here Malaysia love all the veges, peas, black and white mushroom, bamboo shoots, tofu and dried tofu skins too. My favourite is the dried tofu skins haha!

  5. It's 11pm now in Hamburg and I am watching your Gan Guo video. Should not click on food videos in the future just before bedtime arghh!

  6. I nearly missed the wonderful news at the end of the video…congratulations! 😀
    That dish looks delicious with all the different textures and flavours. I've eaten all the ingredients before apart from those long bamboo shoots.

  7. 金针菇的根部建议切掉1到2 CM,那部分是种植在营养土里的,不太健康。

  8. Omg did you mean you are pregnant?? Congratulations! 😍❤️ i looove the vegetables you used, especially the tofu and enoki mushroom (the white one)! Haha, your husband is so cute, 好吃的不得了!😆

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