Easy Chinese Hot & Sour Soup Recipe | Wok Wednesdays


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  1. jeremy, please explain the pickeled veg in the packet. I need to order it, or find it at my asian grocer..
    please help. I dont understand what you meant in the video. I need a name brand, or a place to order it. thanks in advance. …. Love your Hot and sour soup video, it has inspired me to make this as a staple in my home. We had great hot and sour soup at a local restaurant, but he moved away. we also have very mediocre and underwhelming hot and sour soup available. Hence . I will make it at home. After all, eating very well at home, is the new going out to eat.

  2. Hi Jeremy what bran d is the cook top you use I have never come across one that woks sit down into is it induction electric or gas and what brand is it we live in australia .Regards Dean from oz

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