Easy Camping Dinner Ideas


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  1. If yer concerned about salt, watch when the ingredients say "salt and spices" separate. It's a sneaky way they add more sodium without having to add on the daily value in the nutrition facts.

  2. I love your recipes because they are simple and the ingredients are not fancy expensive. I could not afford a vegan life if I follow some of the others vegans recipes out there!

  3. I actually don't like big dinners. Big breakfasts are better to be fit for the day. I'm from Germany and didn't know what chickpeas were. I looked it up in the dictionary after posting my comment 😉 You videos are inspiring! You make me want to eat more healthy and remind me to check the ingredients more often! Keep going! You are an awesome example for a healthy lifestyle!

  4. I use a lot of salsa, including putting it on my German dark whole wheat toast, but with beans my favorite is diced tomatoes. I get cans of diced tomatoes with basil, oregano, and garlic and mix it with diced tomatoes with hot peppers and add some dark red beans and some vegetarian baked beans. This is a very quick lunch to take to work with me. The only drawback is what you already mentioned and that is the amount of salt added. I sometimes get unsalted diced tomatoes and add that to the mix.

  5. Congratulations. You just took a salad to the park…
    Not the best description.^^

    (Im not saying it is no a good easy meal to take with you to school, work or anywhere else. But this is surely not camping. There you cant really take anything with you that needs a fridge. Good things to make if- you are in nature are juniper pancakes, stingnettle-spinace in lemon sauce or veggies out of a dutch oven. You can even do pizza easily. Just can't keep it colder than the next water flow near you

  6. Wanted to note the reason for the glass rather than plastic containers is simply because it takes a lot of oil to make plastic and we want to avoid plastic leeching issues. So we bought an old fashioned picnic basket with china plates, bowls, glasses and real silverware. Makes eating in the wilderness a special occasion.

  7. We use a larger old glass jar to mix everything up in and then serve in small non plastic bowls. As for any food scraps we have a jar in the car that vegan scraps go in, and then when in an area where we can bury the scraps (compost) we do. Also found that once vegan we were eating more compact healthy foods that were both filling as well as complete nutrient rich, which is what I like about how you eat as well.

  8. Cool video, do you realize that those pull tab cans, as well as the regular ones, drop a substantial amount of metal shavings into the can as they are opened ? The finer particles are "poofed" up into the air, likely right into the path of your face/ nose.

  9. Incidentally, I'm probably going camping soon. Thanks very much for this. The people around me will be confused why I don't eat what they're eating. Hehe.

    Wonder why you'd take the food to the garbage. Why not just take it far from you and place it on the ground? It will either be animal food or compost.

  10. Thnx Heather&Phill! Im south korean. What I love about your videos the most is pretty much all ingredients are quite easy to find wherever you are! Stayed in the UK,Germany and now back to Seoul. Have been following you since I was in the UK and I barelyvhad a trouble to find the ingredients you use for the healthy meals. Yeah You made me realize how easy and simple healthy eating and life are. I will defo prepare some chickpea salad for my summer camping here in south korea! have fun;)

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