Easy Beef Wellington Recipe


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  1. +The Bald Chef I suspect you are not really a chef (in the professional and classical training sense), but nevertheless the recipe looked really tasty, the meat seemed the perfectly med-rare, and the filo crust looked delicious (even if some people were bent out of shape beause you used filo). I'd just say, start calling it Beef Baldington, or something like it – I would take the final product and give it a quick deep-fry in a light monte-cristo batter, and then you'll really have something unique 🙂

    On another note though, I do see how you are offensive to many people watching this, because you are standing there in some fake chef uniform with your video's name on it, claiming to be a real chef, when your overall cooking knowledge (aside from the creativity and result) seems far less than many home cooks, let alone "chefs". I think if I were a real chef, I'd like your recipe and raw talent, but would be put-off because you essentially demean and belittle my career. Just a thought – I think that's why soooo many thumbs down (70%), and not because of the recipe tweaks you made.

  2. What works well with phyllo dough is to paint each layer with butter/olive oil mixture. Makes it crispy and crunchy, and it would get it closer to the dough covering of the traditional Wellington.

  3. Things that are wrong with this:

    1) you said this would be a classic beef wellington, when it was not. So you lied.

    2) Not cleaning and trimming the tenderloin properly. There is still silverskin

    3) mashing to mushroom duxelle (That's the stuffing) into a paste, killing the texture and making it soggy so that to remove all the water you would have to overcook the mixture.

    4) using cling film that was much too small to tightly wrap the wellington. should've either used a larger width cling film or portioned your meat differently so as to have something to grab at the ends of the film sheet.

    5) Using a light-weight, cheaply-made, nonstick saute pan. Buy the best, because the best lasts and produces the best results.

    6) using a metal spatula in a nonstick pan, which would wear away the Teflon coating, which could potentially get in your food.

    7) calling phyllo pastry "puff pastry". An idiots mistake and a obvious lie.

    8) scoring pastry with the sharp end of a knife. Do it with the back so as just to lightly mark the pastry without tearing through it.

    9) not resting your meat.

    10) using a fucking cleaver to carve and portion a wellington. What the fuck.

    11) Your hands when you carve, they look like some 10 year old kid who just picked up a knife for the first time.

    12) your finish plate looks…well, I probably wouldn't be thrilled to get that from a professional chef.

    13) the  brown sauce  dumped over the meat. Filet of beef has a very delicate flavor and it's already in danger of being masked up by the duxelle, so unless you're just eating it for texture, you've wasted it. Also, why are there solid bits in it??

    14) Calling yourself a chef. Just because you have a youtube channel doesn't make you a chef.

  4. I can't believe all of the negative comments I'm reading after this man took the time and effort to share his recipe.  What I find hilarious, though, is the fact that all of the people who claim to know so much about Beef Wellington, actually came here in search of a recipe…which tells me they really didn't have much knowledge about Beef Wellington to begin with.  Kudos on the recipe, sir!!!  It looks incredible and I will definitely be following your recipe when I make this next month.  Let others wallow in their egos.  You keep right on doing what you're doing!

  5. I have made this dish several times, and it appears you made the same mistake I did with puff pastry. What you used is filo dough which is NOT puff pastry. It makes a world of difference if you use the right type of pastry dough.

  6. Did you really not know the difference between puff pastry and phyllo? Sorry, but that basic mistake really tainted the whole video for me. You call yourself a chef. Chefs don't make that basic a mistake… ever. If I were you, and wanted to maintain my credibility, I would remove this video or edit it. Credibility is everything when it comes to instructional videos.

  7. lol that's actually phyllo dough your using not puff pastry n' just a note usually wellington is completely covered with the puff pastry dough and usually its browned when seared not criticizing just saying cause either way that does look good and not to rare like some chefs make it. 

  8. Becky Brummett
    1 minute ago · Shared publicly

    Might taste good but it looks like crap. He didn't egg was the pastry on the inside or seal the edges. When you are making something that expensive, you want to make it look as good as it was expensive! 

  9. Im sorry but that is all wrong. Your meat was not seared properly. Your ingredients are off. That is not puff pastry and the Phillo Dough was used wrong. You wrapped your meat extending past the Prosciutto and the mushrooms so your end pieces would have none of the other flavors in it. You cooked it on foil, needs to cook on parchment. Also that was not a mushroom stuffing or it would be in the center, that was a mushroom layer. The only thing I think you got right in your video was the mustard you used.

  10. If you want to cook your Beef Wellington well done when you are searing the beef in the recipe, sear it for a longer period. Then when you wrap the puff pastry it will cook up golden brown. Thanks for your question on my recipe.

  11. I set the oven at 375 deg to cook this Beef Wellington. Not sure what temperature you would like to see your beef cooked at? But this recipe for the classic Beef Wellington is a real feast.Thanks for checking in and keep on cooking.

  12. Hi, thanks for the helpful video. I was wondering what temperature your oven was set for? I may have just missed it, but I listened for it a couple times and couldn't find it.

  13. Cheers to your support, can't stand the haters too! This recipe for Beef Wellington is very good and it is close to Gordon Ramsay's but has been changed to my liking. All and all the people that tried this recipe loved the flavor of the beef. Thanks for your incite, and the best of luck too you!

  14. If you think it's the same you need to watch Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington video again. There are many differences.Did I use some of his Ideas yes, but I also added, my own ideas. I will agree that they are very similar.

  15. Hi… thank you for sharing the video. The pastry that you used is a phyllo dough, and not a puff pastry. I would recommend that you apply melted butter in between each layer of the phyllo dough, if this is the dough that you will use. The butter will cook and brown the layers nicely.

  16. Hi Chef, Well I only went & done it!!!
    A few slight changes – no pine nuts, truffle oil, garlic or proscuttio. I made the mistake of using all butter puff which is great but hard to work & need 2 layers (also needs to be worked quickly from cold) I used English mustard (in honour to the Duke), prepared, left in fridge to chill then loose covered with silver foil for cooking next day. I slightly over cooked @ 140C but still great.
    Thanks for recipe , shall try it again soon. Merry Xmas

  17. That is my small meat cleaver. Normally I would use a much larger knife to slice this delicious Beef Wellington, so that the cuts are neat and clean without damaging the flaky pastry crust. But I do like people to ask questions and I hope you found the answer you were looking for. Thanks for watching my video and have a great day.

  18. Thanks Lyndsay give this Beef Wellington recipe a try. I guarantee you will love it, it does take some time to make. But after you remove it from the oven the hard work will be worth it. Have fun and keep on cooking!

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