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  1. We use the same containers makes life easier. I try to switch it up as much as possible but sometimes that doesn't work with a 3 & 5 yr old. They also prefer not to have sandwiches UGH lol

  2. Hi Nicole! I love watching these kinds of videos. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I have to pack my daughters AM snack and lunch on a daily too. I usually pack leftovers and whatever we have in the fridge. Her teachers are so awesome to refrigerate and microwave her food as needed, so I don't have to worry about how her food is stored.

  3. Hi Nicole, Gabriel has the same emoji lunch box. LOL!! You always back such great lunches for your kids. Gabriel isn't so adventurous. He likes his cheese sandwiches, chips and water plus one snack.

  4. is it hard to pack lunch for emelyn, maliya and dylan. is one picky on what u pack for them. my son first time bringing lunch. so i pack him lunch. i pack what he likes. peanut butter sandwich(half sandwich), rolled ham and string cheese, mac and cheese, yogart, apple sauce, strawberries, cantalop, apples, gold fish, vanilla wafers, mini oreo's, pringles. i love watching ur lunch ideas. i watched all of them to get ideas. i dont use containers. i use ziplock bags for now. its' easy for them. havent found a container that fits in his lunch bag. maybe ill get the one u use. not sure yet.

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