Easy, Authentic French Pastry Cream Recipe !


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  1. this is the PERFECT pastry cream recipe. Everything is well proportioned, leaves a little room for error without even noticing…I like my cream to be less sweet so I had used 3/4 cups of sugar instead and I hate the aftertaste of vanilla so I used 1 tsp of vanilla instead and it came out very nice. I used this cream to make napoleon. On the last topping of the cream, I crushed tea cookies and went all over. It was DELICIOUS!

  2. Thank you so much for the recipe!! It's my first time making custard, and it truly tastes heavenly! I did make one mistake, though, that the custard turned out a little air-y.
    When I poured in the milk, I constantly mixed it as you demonstrated, but I ended up with a layer of white foam. (Maybe half-inch thick?) Is it because I overmixed it? Or is it possible I left in too much egg white with the yolk? Thanks again!! 🙂

  3. Hello 🙂 Thank you for the recipe.  When I made it, it looked thick and smooth, but after a night in the fridge  it seems very liquid like heavy cream. From your experience what do you think went wrong?

  4. hello bake like a pro..i really like your videos and i down loaded it because i want to show to my son..we will cook while watching your video.its really easy and fun..hope you have more new videos again..
    .thanks a lot..

  5. omg ok guys i made this for puff pastry tarts that went into the oven with apple's and omg they came out amazing I'm not kidding you that cream is just so smooth so buttery just everything about it was amazing

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