Easy Appetizer Recipes! (BETH’S HOLIDAY HELPER SERIES)


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  1. Hi Beth! I love your channel. I want to say thank you for this wonderful recipe of sweet pecans. I was looking for this recipe about a year ago but the others videos in youtube always was bad recipes I end throwing so many pecans to the garbage. But! This technique was perfect and delicious. I used mines in a romain lettuce salad with baby spinach goat cheese, cranberries and avocado. Im so thankfully. 😀. Greetings from Panamá. :-)

  2. Hi Beth! My work is having a holiday potluck and I am stumped on what to bring! Any ideas on something easy to make that could be made in a big batch for the potluck?

  3. LOVING YOU IS EASY .. BECAUSE IT'S YOU ! That is so for you, Beth, great ideas, gorgeous presentation, etc. etc. I gave a try to the crostini and they are so good ! Def. I will make those on X-mas morning 🙂 thank you…. Loving you is easy oxxo

  4. Beth, these are great and easy appetizer for Christmas! I always have on hand this time of the year nuts like yours and i loved the black olives. Such a simple but so flavourful they are with the lemon and the herbs.

    Have a great week Beth!


  5. Great video and great tips, i just posted a video on how to make easiest pumpkin pie please check it out if you have a minute, and let me know what you think 🙂 have an amazing day and keep up posting videos

  6. I love your nonstandard microwave popcorn, Beth.  BUT, the worst thing that smells up a house is not burned popcorn, it's skunk.  If you have never been skunk bombed, you don't know what a truly bad smell that is.  Thanks for these great quick appetizers.

  7. Thank you so much for another helpful video. I always notice your utensils. I have been searching for nice rounded wooden handled utensils. Would you happen to remember where you purchased them?

  8. Hi, Beth. Those are some excellent ideas. I am really impressed with your AMAZING cooking! You and the other Beth from CookingAndCrafting really inspire me to cook wonderful ideas. I can't wait to see more Christmas videos in the next few weeks. See ya soon, Beth. :-)

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