Easter spring lamb, Abbacchio, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. Gianni, if we're being honest, this is simply marvelous and spot on really. Absolutely delightful recipe! Job well done sir. Thank you for sharing such an easy, simple, rustic, brilliant lamb dish!

  2. Great Dish ! You're Amazing Gianni ! Love your whole cooking style and passion for the food and our Italian-American culture .. You're the Best ! Better than 95% of those people on the Food Network .. Keep up the great work, and make more and more videos, everyone loves them.

    Bravo Gianni


  3. I appreciate your recipes so much!

    As a fifth generation Italian American who is now trying to live and learn to cook traditional Italian dishes, I am finding a lot of the more complicated italian recipes available online, but the more classic, common, simple recipes like this one I can't seem to find (probably because every Italian knows them!), but I wanted very badly to make it for Easter (as is traditional).

    Grazie Mille!!

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful recipe. I made it easter sunday for my extened family and we couldnt be more amazed. This was defimately one of the best dinners iver ever made. Thank you so much again. I dont agree about the child abuse comment below though, its just a natural part of life people are sheltered from now. They think cause they but pre butchered meat in a store they are somehow morally superior.

  5. Your story is what turned my mum into a vegetarian…..her father was a country butcher…….I've been telling her about your great recipes as she is a great cook and I love all the old recipes…..

  6. Don't get me wrong … I LOVE limited GOOD tasting meat cuts … but veg are my all time favourite … so when I make this, I'm going to add carrots, leeks & whole baby onions too! Maybe even big slices of green and or/both green and red peppers.
    THANKSSSSSSSSSSS  🙂  <<< NO! Definitely NOT for the 'sick' BAAA AAA AAA …. you very NAUGHTY chef you! 🙁

  7. NO Gianni! Now I'm ALSO going to be had up for murder!!!
    I could murder you right on the SPOT! ha ha ha  🙂
    As to your experience as a kid .. that was most definitely CHILD ABUSE! 🙁 Sorry.
    Love from …
    ~KwaZULU Natal~ xox  

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