Easter Pies: Pizza Rustica and Pastiera Napoletana, Italian Recipes – Gianni’s North Beach


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  1. Hi Gianni, Congrats on 10K subscribers!   Can you produce some videos of Southern Italian Cuisine (like near the provinence of Bari). I'd like to see your take on it.  Many people associate Italian food with wonderful thick red and white sauces served with pasta and meats (mostly in the states).  Southern Italian cuisine produce recipes using olive oil, lemon, garlic vinaigrettes to dress various preparations of the wonderful array of fresh frutti de marie.  I Love Pulpo preserved in olive oil and vinegar served with grilled sourdough bread. 🙂   Take care, Anthony 

  2. Hi Gianni. I have been searching pizza rustica & I must tell you, your recipe is my favorite by far. All the other recipes I have seen use pizza dough but I have a feeling that your crust will be much tastier. I will definitely make your version this Easter. Thank you.

  3. the people from Perugia Italy make their own style of easter bread called " crescia
    "  its a leavened egg and pecorino cheese bread with notes of black pepper and cinnamon and nutmeg.  its reminiscent of easter.  amazingly delicious

  4. I love this video! I am going to try to make the pies tomorrows if i can find the ingredients at my local Italian specialty stores. I come from a long line of professional Italian cooks that still own restaurants to this day, and the sweet pie looks like the one I had when I was little. Wondering where you were getting your pronunciations from. We're New York, Mulberry St originally Naples but we don't pronounce ricotta the way you do. For example, we pronounce ricotta as rig-auth-uh or rig-auth for short. I know town to town pronunciations differ, plus being in New York no doubt altered it.

  5. I've seen a lot of variations of this but the candies are a new one on me. We would roast red and green peppers in olive oil and throw that in. We ate it at Easter mostly but when people were visiting at Christmas my mom would make one as a special occasion. There's nothing like it. Thanks for your recipe. 

  6. My daughter brought us your Pizza Rusticas for our Easter buffet. It was too fabulous to describe. That crust was super flaky, and the filling was perfect. Leftovers were great for breakfast the next day. They were also thrilled with the pans of your Eggplant Parm I'd promised them all. Not to mention scarfing some down at dinner, haha. Thanks so much for sharing, Gianni. Tess

  7. Ciao Isabella. Thanks for sharing your eggplant alla parmigiana video. Good luck with your project. There's a debate in my family about whether to coat the eggplant with breadcrumbs before frying. I was pleased to see that you don't. That's my way too.

  8. Ciao.
    Not so cheesy. Start with a slice of the rustica as an antipasto and move on to a pasta, risotto or soup course, then a meat or fish dish with contorni (sides) and end with a slice of the pastiera. The cheese pies are bookends to a very diverse meal. Buon appetito!

  9. You are amazing!!! I live in Italy now so I really don't know who you are, but I'm gonna google you! Just to know if you're a professional chef.
    I make the Torta Pasqualina (that's how they call it here) all the time, but never used Ricotta. I use a soft cheese called Fontina. But you sure gave me a good idea.
    Thanks so so much for your time and hard work you put into making these videos/tutorials. Sei forte!!!

  10. @zeebier2
    My mainstay is Molinari on Columbus at Vallejo in North Beach. It's a great salumeria and they have many of the Italian products that I need in my kitchen. They make great sandwiches too. I'll do a post soon on other places to source Italian necessities in SF.

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