EASIEST Chicken Recipe EVER!! With Calorie Info for Gym Diet | Chicken Sokha


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  1. Not kidding. I have tried many recipes from youtube and this is the first one which turned out to be perfect. (others were semi-edible or less). Thanx alot 🀘

  2. This is the recipe I was looking for. I am super lazy so wanted super easy one.😁😁😁 But pa ji will the taste deteriorate if we don't add onion or tomato?? Anyway thanks for making this video.

  3. I tried d recipe n it turned out really good..I request u to do a chicken biryani recipe with all technical tips so that chicken as well as rice r perfect n full of flavours… plzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Paaji kaha they aap!!
    Accidentally I watched this video.
    Started making chicken at 12.25 and m done eating by 12.55.
    Tasted ultra good, no acidity.
    Straight away subscribed.
    Fishing ur other videos.
    Big thumbs up.

  5. bro i just finished cooking the same wish i could share the pic….it is amazingly cooked even without onion and tomatoes….exact time to prepare 30 mins at the most…..as i go to gym i prefer simple diet….so the ingredients which you have used are considered to be the hot in taste which is also good in fat burning

  6. Wah ustaad wah! Finally someone on cooking vids speaking good english. Your video is amazing as u covered all details and well made. About this recipe…when we cooked this one in hostel….it was a riot!!! Cheers bai!

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