Dum Aloo – Indian Vegetarian Recipe


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  1. Awesom, I'm Sri lankan and went vegetarian a few months ago. I knew i'd find tasty veggie dishes in Indian food! thank for a very clear and instructional video!!

  2. @peacealways100 – In the beginning of the video they mention traditionally it is fried, but they are trying to be healthy, so they bake the potatoes.

  3. @peacealways100
    No offense taken 🙂 We appreciate constructive feedback. Our motto is "healthy cooking" so whenever we can, we try to offer our viewers a healthy alternative to traditional recipes. True…Kashmiri dum aloo is fried but many people will not even approach a dish that has to be deep fried. This is our version that let's people enjoy the concept without the guilt.

  4. You can choose to add onions if you like. We like to have some variation in our food so we left them out. If you want to have some gravy, you can cook it less and maybe mash one of the small potatoes and add it back in. It will act as a thickening agent without changing the flavor of the dish.

  5. Great work!. 2 questions however:

    1. Why aren't finely chopped onions added to the masala ? Any specific reason?

    2. If I want the gravy, what thickening agent needs to be added?

  6. i loved the idea that u substituted for frying thats a gr8 tip… even i used to feel the same wat can be done …cos then if i just boil n put the potatoes the taste will nt come n it will like a regular sabji… 🙂 thanks a lot for this tip!
    ppl who dont have oven can also just roast it in the kadhai with lil oil rt?? the same amt. u put for bakin! ?

  7. This one's a winner, for sure! I love potatoes. (Any starch, really. Ha.)

    You know what you're doing, are beautiful and personable, have good, clear voices and everything else you need to have a show on a network. Here's hoping that happens.

  8. When I add the youghurt these little lumps appeared, it still reduced but i got this bits of youghurt lumps on the potato, can you help? What am I doing wrong?

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