Duck a l’Orange French Recipe – Duck Breasts With Orange Sauce


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  1. Hi there,
    Fantastic demonstrations. Love how you categorised your recipes. That make it a lot easy to understand and to dig through. And the way you put ingredients and it’s amount under your video too.
    I would like make a request. If possible I like to see how to make one of my favourite french dish, Bouillabaisse. Very difficult to find the video showing how to cook it.
    Thank you for sharing and guiding.

  2. Well I made it. The sauces were superb.I even made my own candied peel – fantastic. I served it with lemon rice and roasted parsnips – next time I'll saute and carmelize some tangy radishes. However, the duck was tough. I made it exactly as instructed. I'll try it again though with a different duck.

  3. Chef bon jour.
    This looks awesome. I can see how much you have improved your skills and techniques since I have been following your channel! Congratulations!!
    It is time you consider opening your bistrô!!

  4. This is another fabulous video that you've given us, and such a complex cooking technique….I really enjoy trying things like this, and will do so after the holidays when things are a little less hectic….I love duck and this sauce looks superb….can't wait to try it, thank you for all the effort you put into the channel….:)

  5. Perfection! For those who haven't cooked duck breast before, notice that Chef scored the skin of the duck before he placed them into the hot pan. This is essential to ensure crispy skin and the rendering of fat.

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