Drumstick Leaf Soup | முருங்கைக்கீரை சூப் | Recipe | Gowri Samayalarai


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  1. I made this soup it is not only healthy but tasty also..thank a ton for this recipe..I try to make this very often I feel happy that I make healthy food for my family..lots a lot ma

  2. thank you so much Mam for this delicious and healthy soup. my husband like so much. he wants every day .pls upload this kind video in future. organization video also very nice mam. ones again thank you mam for this soup

  3. as far as the shallots and garlic are concerned, it is ok.they will be full cooked while boiling five whizles.but what about black pepper and cumin seed as well as corriander?

  4. madam,
    thanks for your videos.
    while preparing the DSLeaves soup you have put shallots, garlic, corriander,,cuminseed,and Bk pepper without crushing them.what do you think doing so?

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