“Double” Chicken Normandy – 2 Classic French Recipes in 1 / Poulet Normande


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  1. I am getting one hell of an education on French cooking. I never tried it before I met you. This looks fantastic, one of many of your recipes that has many layers of flavor. The pyromaniac side of me would love to flambe the sauce but since you said it takes away some of the flavor, I will resist the temptation.

    I can get everything I need two blocks from home, except the apple brandy. There are cheap apple "flavored" brandy but if needed I can order it online. hearts and liver comes with all whole chickens here and they will not be omitted. I love almost any kind of organ meat. The Scottish have a dish called Haggis (I think) and I could eat that every day.

    As immature as it is, I laughed pretty hard when you stuffed the bird….lol

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