DIY Swedish TUNNBRÖDRULLE – hot dog with SHRIMP salad & mashed potatoes | WEENIES


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  1. Electrocute 5 hot dogs?!?!!!
    That was awesome!!!
    Ooo…ooo…ooo… there is an epic toaster oven I would love to see you test…
    It is a flat griddle on top to cook eggs n bacon, it can also toast bread, and brew a small pot of coffee as well

  2. I saw this video once on Facebook years ago, and one of my cousins was brave enough to try it, I think it would do well with chilly.
    You cut up the hot dog into thick coin shapes and stick raw spaghetti into the hot dog pieces and cook it till the pasta us done, he said he and his son loved it

  3. Carbs on carbs will never go wrong. In Japan they got Yakisoba Bread, Spaghetti Bread, Croquette Bread, in Sweden they have this, in Indonesia you got fried instant noodles (Indomie goreng) with rice+ shrimp crackers and scrambled egg

  4. I just tried this today and it is DELICIOUS! I don’t have an IKEA where I live, so I had to make some substitutions. I couldn’t find a source for the flatbread, so I substituted homemade lefse (first time making that, too—it almost failed, but I made it work at the last minute). I substituted canned tiny shrimp for the frozen, just because I wanted to buy only a small quantity of it. And the fried onions were just regular French fried onions you put in green bean casserole. Still, it turned out great! I’m not a ketchup fan, but I put it on anyway for authenticity’s sake. I found I really liked the flavor of it combined with the other flavors. Love your channel, Emmy!

  5. I think i'd switch the dill with chive. And let the shrimpsalad set for an hour or so in the fridge, to give the taste of the ingredients time to blend.
    Foot long wiener? Lucky you've got small feet…

  6. Oh the swedish drunk food after a bar crawl. Yum on all the grease on the dog mixed with the creamy creamy of that mash and the mayo based shrimp….giving a salty sweet….the bread is going to soak the alcohol….happy drunk. 🙂 Never hate the food of a drunk. 🙂 🙂

  7. The shrimp salad, I feel, don't really contribute much to this tunnbrödrulle considering you have a lot of other rich flavors like the buttery mashed potatoes and clearly a very tasty hotdog. The more common swedish fair that you might get a hot dog stand or at a gas station will usually use pretty bland instant mashed potatoes and the hot dogs are typically on the cheap side and boiled, not grilled or pan fried. The shrimp salad and ketchup is there to add some flavor to an otherwise very bland meal.

    For a fancier home made variaty I'd recommend some sort of relish. For authenticity, something close to Also you might try to use diced raw onions instead of toasted onions

  8. Emmy, you said you've never had fried onions on a hotdog. There's a chain of hotdog restaurants in Los Angeles now called Dog Haus, and they serve the best hotdog! They use Kings Hawaiian bread rolls, and serve the dog with avocado slices, arugula, tomato slices, fried onions, and aioli. Soooo good!

  9. definitely seems like a proportions issue. Also I would think going off basic sandwich making, it would seem the waterproof lettuce sould go down first then the potatoes to secure the hot dog. Lastley definitely need larger bread.

  10. Emmy I must Love you! Lol that bread triggered my trypophobia but I still watched the entire video! While just listening through some of it because I couldnt look at that bread!! ❤

  11. You are way too upscale for a Swedish Shrimp Salad.

    Mayo, pink food coloring, something that could possibly be shrimp but is too chopped up to tell and one shrimp on top for appearances is the authentic recipe. As this dish is a late nite fav after a night of heavy partying it is often described as being "easy down and easy up." 🙂

  12. The store bought premade shrimp salad in Sweden that most people buy as it is so good there is no taste of dill to it. You can't really taste any sour cream or crème fresh either. It is just lovely creamy. Before the hamburger chains invaded we had numerous of small snack bars that in Sweden was called Korvkiosk. It had the name korv/sausage even if they also sold a variety of different hambugers too. Tunnbrödrulle was very popular and was considered to be a big filling meal. The pieces of thin bread we use is a lot bigger than the one you have and therefor have space for more mashed potatoes.. After eating out a bit with the fork so it's less full we usually just skipped the fork and squeezed it together so we could eat it more like how a burrito is eaten. Ty for your videos, they are great.

  13. Emmy you should try making a Colombian hotdog! It has a variety of sauces including mayoketchup, pineapple sauce (I like mine chunky), and a garlic mayo sauce as well as just ketchup and mustard! There's also cabbage, potato crisps, and cheese on it!

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