DIY JIGGLY Japanese Cotton CHEESECAKE Recipe | You Made What?


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  1. You're so pretty 😭 Also, I've been looking for this recipe everywhere but no one can make it jiggle. By far, only you know the secret! Could it possibly be because you used a bigger pan for the water bath? How much water did you add for the water bath?

  2. why not to simple lay parchment paper over the bottom and tighten the sides over – cut out the excess? that's how I've done it always. sooo much easier and faster. I find it to be more reliable for staying straight and not moving. also.. you dont have to use foil, since the paper works as a sealant.

  3. You remind me of my science teacher… she's always smiling right up in your face like "😁😁😁😀That's why your supposed to listen! 😁😂😀" she said she drinks a whole thing of coffee at night…

  4. If you put it in the fridge while it was warm, some of the moisture in it may have condensed, causing it to sink. It looks great. Thanks for the recipe!

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