Dinner Recipes – Tacos


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  1. My favorite meal to make for big groups is tacos! I put salsa right in my meat cause my family doesn't like it on the taco but will gladly eat the meat with it mixed in lol (more veggies right?) I also also put some in ginger and no basil and only a little bit of chili powder (no heat is aloud in this family apparently). And I'm the only one who likes olives actually on my taco but the kids usually eat them all before dinner is served 😉

  2. Mmmmm fresh cilantro IS the best!! We do a "burrito bowl" like this on Wednesdays using leftovers from Taco Tuesday. AND oh my goodness I've been looking for a way to do tortillas without the corn… I'll have to see what we could do about making those!

  3. I didn’t know there were better knifes for lettuce. And using a spatula to stir. Too fun! Tacos are always a great go to recipe! So fun seeing how you make them!

  4. Tacos are so good! They taste the best with all the extras, but you're right. Life happens and sometimes all the ingredients are not there. If I find cheap avocados, I love to make homemade guacamole. "this video is not sponsored by Aldi". That would be amazing to have Aldi sponsor our videos! We shop there all the time. 🙂 Thanks for joining me in this collab!

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