Dinner Recipes | Homemade Philly Cheesesteak Lasagna – Easy Tasty Baked Lasagna I Heart Recipes


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  1. Girl this looks good!!! Will definitely give this a try soon but think I want to layer ground beef and steak to this🤤😋🤗 You are wonderful at what you do and your Peach Cobbler looks delicious also.. Haven't had the dumplings in my Peach Cobbler since my mother passed away but thank you for bringing back memories

  2. Ok ok ok ok ok…..honey chile let me tell you….I made this recipe tonight exactly as the recipe called for. It was so delicious!!! The mixture of cheeses were just right. I was worried that the cheese would be over whelming but it's NOT! Its rich and comforting. It's an expensive recipe but it's WELL worth it!!

    I'm excited to try the recipe again using cooked seasoned chicken thigh meat.

    I also think I'll try having a side of warmed marinara as a dipping sauce for the steak version.

    This recipe is amazing. I'm proud of you my beautiful sister!!! Keep the casserole dishes coming!

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