Dinner Party Recipes : 28 Minutes of Chicken Dinner Ideas


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  1. hair cross contamination. and why does American and europeen cook thé chiken right after buying it? don t you know about the process of removing the bad flavours of chicken with lemon and salt to disinfect it as well before starting to cook it and season it.

  2. Omg! the cross contamination in this video drove me crazy. you touched just about everything in your kitchen with raw chicken on your hands. you contaminated just about everything.

  3. So I was going to say yellow is your color. Although it does look great on you it dawned on me that all the different colors look great on you. So, you just look great in your element doing what you do! With that being said I could almost smell that chicken through the computer. It looked so good I am going to have to eat now. Great job once again! Keep em coming! Thank you for sharing…

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